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Bathroom Design Choices that Can Give a Small Space a Large Look Leave a comment

When you can’t expand a small bathroom, especially if it’s a master bath, how to renovate the space can become confusing and frustrating. However, you can still give a small bathroom an upgraded and spacious look by using a few simple design tricks.

Color Selection

To make the bathroom look more open and roomy, you’ll want to stay with neutral colors such as white, soft beige, and light gray. White is an excellent choice for a modern appearance. Soft beige will work well in houses with a traditional style. Light gray looks fabulous in homes with transitional décor. You can also mix neutrals for a gorgeous outcome.

Designing the Shower Area

You’ll want to choose a frameless shower, so your line of sight isn’t hampered by thick frames that always make the whole area feel smaller. Also, choose a lipless shower. This concept, where the shower floor is even with the rest of the flooring, will immediately make your bathroom feel larger. Use the same tile for the bathroom and shower floor to create a seamless look.

Flooring Choices

Though flooring with a bold design is popular in bathrooms to add a wow factor, in a small bathroom, to make it feel larger, you should avoid a busy pattern. Such a floor, though beautiful, will draw the eye downward. When you want an area to appear larger than it is, the eye should be pulled upward and into the open space. Choose tiling with a minimal pattern or no pattern at all for the best result.

The Perfect Vanity and Toilet Styles

Another trick in making a bathroom look larger is to expose more of the floor space. To do this, choose a wall-hung toilet and a floating vanity. Keeping the floor area open and clear of clutter will make the bathroom appear as if you’ve added square footage to the entire space. Also, leave off the pull handles or knobs on the cabinetry for a sleeker appearance.

Even a small bathroom can seem roomy when appropriately designed. Open up the floor space, stay with neutral colors, and don’t draw the eye to one particular feature that will keep your attention focused on a small area of the space. If you do this, then your small bathroom will look stunning and feel spacious.

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