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When flipping a home, you want your property to stand out from others for sale in the neighborhood. One excellent way you can do this is to design a master bathroom that no buyer will be able to resist. Even on a tight renovation budget, you can create a gorgeous space that any potential homebuyer would long to own.


Stay with a neutral color like white to make the area feel as large as possible. You can also go with a very light coral if you do want a bit of color. Coral has become a popular choice lately for homeowners who are tired of the standard white, beige, and gray neutrals.


A gorgeous, white marble floor is the epitome of elegance and will capture everyone’s attention. If marble doesn’t fit into your budget, you can select a high-quality vinyl that looks like marble. Vinyl is water-resistant and comes in sheets or tiles, so it’s an excellent choice for a bathroom.


You’ll want to go with a frameless design for the best look. Without a frame, buyers will be able to see into the shower without anything obstructing their view, which makes the entire bathroom look open and airy. Select brushed nickel hardware or even a lovely antique brass.


If possible, go with a freestanding tub, even if you only have space and the budget for a small one. A freestanding tub looks much more stylish than a built-in tub and will serve as the focal point of the room. Opt for the same finish on the hardware as with the shower for the best look.

Vanity Area

Install a floating vanity with raised sinks for a trendy, modern look. With the cabinet off the floor, it will look like the bathroom is quite spacious. Also, nobody will stub their toes on the cabinetry, which is a real plus. Above the vanity, include a mirrored medicine cabinet over each sink, so the couple who buys the home won’t need to share.


Should you have some extra money, and you genuinely want to wow potential buyers, consider including a skylight if possible. Bathrooms typically don’t have a lot of light. Natural light streaming in will increase the appeal of the room. You could also include a smart toilet with a self-flushing mechanism, a fan, and a heated seat.

When flipping a residence, you want to do everything possible to attract the most buyers, while still ensuring you’ll make the best profit. By offering buyers a specially upgraded bathroom, beyond the norm, they will jump at the chance to purchase your property before someone else does.

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