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Give your bathroom the look and feel of a spa with only a few minor changes. This visually appealing and increasingly popular bathroom makeover has the benefit of taking little effort to achieve impressive results, because the overall look is minimalistic. Focus on the elements below to achieve a spa at home on any budget.

A freestanding tub and frameless glass shower are the ultimate upgrades to enhance the spa look, but these aren’t necessary. A transparent or semi-transparent shower curtain is a budget-friendly solution to create a more open, minimalist space.

White and earthy tones should be dominant. Variation in textures and materials will keep the room from looking bland. Neutral tones can come from bamboo, teak, stone, wicker, or woven grass accessories like mats, shower caddies, or baskets. Supply pops of color with subtly striped Turkish hammam towels, a piece of wall art, or a cascading plant.

Leave as much open space as possible, on the floor and other surfaces. An uncluttered room contributes to relaxation and is far easier to keep clean, for a truly spa-like appearance. Stash jars, bottles, and Q-Tip boxes behind the doors of a minimalist cabinet or in lidded baskets. An ample supply of stacked or rolled towels can be displayed openly. For items that you must keep at hand, use glass or ceramic containers and dispensers, or metallic bowls.

If you’re up to it, try your hand at a DIY marble-look countertop. Peel-and-stick tiles are a quicker and less expensive option than actually re-tiling. A few selectively-placed sheets can partially cover a wall or border the tub. Choose unusual shapes or mosaic patterns.

Lastly, as an alternative to dimming lights, have several candles at the ready. Even better, place a candle inside a Morrocan tin lantern for a soft, dreamy effect during your bath.

It’s easy to transform the look of your bathroom and enjoy your next steamy soak so much more. No need to pay for a trip to the spa when you can enjoy the atmosphere in the comfort of your home!

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