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Spa up that bathroom to sell your home fast with these easy and budget-friendly changes.

There are two rooms in a home that will improve the chances of a sale – the kitchen and the bathrooms. The potential home buyer needs to be wooed by the bathrooms of a house. Making that bathroom into a personal spa can attract more attention and make the buyers hungry for a sales contract.

Cleanliness is Essential

Before preparing the bathroom for a home sale, the seller needs to clean from top to bottom. This does not mean spraying some cleaner in the shower stall and walking away. Cleaning means getting down and removing dirt from the baseboards, corners of the shower stall and edges of the bathtub. The seller must remember the home that appears move in ready will sell more quickly.

The Five Star Experience

Staging the bathroom for a home sale can be easy and inexpensive. The only props needed for the job are two plush robes, a wicker basket, two thick bath towels, two thick hand towels, several thick wash clothes, some ribbon and an assortment of soaps.

The bath towels need to be placed evenly on the rods present in most bathrooms. If there are no towel rods, a bath towel rack can be placed in the bathroom to hold the towels. The hand towels will need to be set in the middle of the bath towels. If the hand towels are a complimentary color matching the room but different from the bath towels, the effect will be more drastic.

The wash clothes can be rolled and tied with the ribbon. Place these wash clothes in the wicker basket on the top of the sink counter. Arranging a few complimentary colored soaps in front of the basket will pull the look together.

The final touch will be the plush bathrobes. These need to hang on the wall near the shower. Removable adhesive hooks can be placed in just the right spot and taken down after the home is shown. These robes will complete the bathroom/spa look sure to impress even the most fickle buyer.

The Luxurious Touch Sure to Amaze

For an added kick in the spa direction, place small stones in the sinks to cover the drains. These stones should also match the color scheme of the room. The stones can be a common theme throughout all of the bathrooms in the home taking the open house from ordinary to spectacular.

If there is more than one bathroom in the home, the bathrobes do not need to be placed in every bathroom. Only the bathrooms located in the master bath need to have the robes. The other bathrooms can mirror the details of the master.

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