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Over time, all bathrooms start to show wear and tear. Renovations can become costly and aren’t possible for everyone. However, ways do exist to at least spruce up your bathroom with only a minimal investment of time and money.

Touch-Up Paint

When your walls and baseboards look chipped or dirty, it brings down the look of the entire bathroom. If you can’t do a full paint job, try just painting the baseboards and touching up the paint on your walls where it’s nicked or contains marks. Doing a touch-up isn’t as effective as repainting the whole room, but your eyes won’t immediately get drawn to the imperfections. You just need to make sure that if you’re touching up any walls that the paint matches as closely as possible. For the baseboards, if you’re a little off, as long as you paint all of the boards, it will look nice.


If you still have imperfections on your walls that bother you, then consider covering them up with artwork. You can use framed pictures, metal art, glass art, or even living plants. For defects that are lower on a wall, you can’t always cover them with one piece of art, which would look odd located toward the bottom of your space. However, if the entire wall is bare, you can arrange multiple pieces of artwork in a vertical pattern down the wall to disguise the problem.

New Towels

The more you wash your towels, the more faded they start to look over time. Buying fresh towels for your bathroom will immediately make your space look updated. Don’t choose bright colors that will fade over time. Neutrals will work better, and you can drape a colored washcloth over your bath towels or hand towels to make them stand out more.

Floor Rug

If your flooring doesn’t look its best anymore and has tears or cracks in it, you can cover those up with a rug. Instead of using a standard bathroom rug with a thick pile height, use a decorator rug which will add more elegance to your bathroom. You’ll also have almost unlimited choices in the style and design you can select. Remember only to use one rug in your bathroom. Otherwise, it will look crowded and messy. Even if you can’t hide every defect in the floor, covering a majority of them will still improve the look of your bathroom.

Remove Clutter

Most people keep a lot of products on their bathroom countertops. This habit will make anyone’s bathroom look shabby. If you have makeup, floss, mouthwash, lotions, or other items, put them into small to medium wicker baskets. These look better than plastic versions. You can also paint them whatever color will match your bathroom décor best. Keep all of the items below the basket’s rim and then cover with a matching washcloth. Once covered, you won’t see the clutter, but everything inside will remain accessible for when you need it.

Storage Space

If your bathroom still looks cluttered and you need additional storage, consider an over-the-toilet storage unit, if you don’t already have one. You can find one of these at your local discount store and do the install yourself. Various colors are usually available so that you can match your décor. If you’re having problems finding a match, select a white one and paint it before installing.

Bathroom Hardware

Replace the knobs and handles on your bathroom cabinets. New hardware can add a fresh style and a chic look to your bath. These products are available to match any décor from traditional to contemporary. You usually can find something gorgeous quite easily. Try clear crystal or colored art glass for a unique look. Brushed nickel or chrome looks great in contemporary homes. Burnished brass, wood, or gold works well with traditional décor.

Make It Shine

A great way to improve the look of your existing cabinetry is to refresh the wood. When wood starts to dry out, the lush color often fades. With furniture polish, you can revive that look and make it appear almost as if new again. You’ll add shine and give your cabinets a more luxurious appearance.

Shower Curtain

A bathtub with mold, chipped paint, water stains, or rust can make a bathroom look worse than anything else. With a bath-shower combination, you can hide these problems by layering three shower curtains. Select a thin, plastic, transparent shower curtain that will hang in the tub at all times to prevent water from escaping. The next two layers will hang outside the bathtub. Opt for a thin, fabric curtain in a neutral color that you’ll use as a lining. For the outer curtain, choose a stunning lace or simple geometric pattern also made of fabric instead of plastic. You can locate all of these options in the shower section of most stores. Keep your shower curtains closed at all times when the tub is not in use. These curtains will look stunning in your bathroom and will cover any deterioration behind them.

Sprucing up your bathroom, even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, is possible and worth the effort. Afterward, you’ll feel more relaxed and able to enjoy your bathroom again.

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